Michael Cox



An impressive Class 3 performance by Beauty Eternal has sent the John Size-trained prospect rocketing up Asian Racing Report’s Hong Kong Derby Rankings. 

Beauty Eternal jumped from number 11 to number two after handling his 1400m assignment with relative ease. 

The rising star’s rating is now 84 after the victory off a mark of 74, and John Size will have some interesting options next start. 

While most Derby contenders will head to the Hong Kong Classic Cup in just under two weeks, Size may opt to step up to a 1600m Class 2 with Beauty Eternal. 

He could also wait one more week and head to the 1800m Class 2 – the race dubbed the “Collection Handicap” – which is two weeks before the big race. 

Size now has the top two in the Asian Racing Report Hong Kong Derby Rankings after Tuchel retained top spot. 

2023 Hong Kong Derby: updated rankings

1. Tuchel 自勝者強 (88)

2. Beauty Eternal 永遠美麗 (84) ⬆️

3. Super Sunny Sing 新力高升 (84)

4. Beautyverse 美麗宇宙 (88)

5. Galaxy Witness 喜旺駒 (84)

6. Sword Point 知足常樂 (84) ⬇️

7. Voyage Bubble 遨遊氣泡 (93) ⬇️

8. Sweet Encounter 魅力知遇 (86)

9. Keefy 瑪瑙 (100)

10. Beauty Inspire 日日美麗 (75)

11. La City Blanche 當年情 (80) ⬆️

12. Sinba 開心寶貝 (79) ⬆️

13. Viva Chaleur 爆熱 (83) ⬆️

14. Majestic Colour 彩虹千里 (80) ⬇️