Adrian Webber / Journalist

Adrian Webber has been based in Japan for 35 years and worked for 12 years on the JRA international broadcast team as special comments and race caller. Adrian has also written about racing for the Japan Times and magazines in the Kansai area.




Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Sprinters weekend means Group 1 racing is back

Adrian Webber has the latest from the JRA including a look at the first Group 1 of the autumn season and an update from Paris.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Moreira lands a last day haul

Adrian Webber has the latest from the JRA, with a Classic trial upset, Take pitching for the ‘golden’ generation, and news of what’s to come.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Centaur boilover but no shocks in Korea

Adrian Webber looks back on Japan’s Seoul raid, T M Spada’s huge odds Centaur surprise, and gives us the latest on the JRA’s returning stars.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: the action’s hot and getting hotter

Adrian Webber's weekly look at what’s happening in Japan as Maurice hits a landmark, raiders head to Korea, Shibata extends a record, and the hot autumn action comes into view.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Sasaki’s hot streak continues as Hakodate winds down

Adrian Webber has the latest on the Lemaire-Kawada battle, a record dividend, Oju Chosan, Deep Impact’s ongoing achievements, and another big night to look forward to at Tokyo City Keiba.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: keeping cool through summer boilovers

Adrian Webber chimes in with his weekly take on the JRA scene, with autumn plans for some big names, a new role for Clincher, and an anniversary at Chukyo.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Equinox does things Hanshin style

Adrian Webber shares insights from the Takarazuka Kinen, finds they’re keeping it in the family in Kyushu, and brings word of another potential ‘white wonder’.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: gift-wrapped Equinox

Adrian Webber sees the Takarazuka Kinen as a perfect summer gift, Lemaire and leading sire Lord Kanaloa maintain their hot form, and Imamura returns with a win.

Adrian Webber

Keiba Diary: Lane bows out as Takarazuka Kinen comes into view

Adrian Webber shares his latest observations from the JRA as Damian Lane’s bitter-sweet stint ends, Equinox readies for a return, and a jockey with pedigree catches the eye.




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