Editorial Principles


Editorial Principles

What does independent journalism really mean? Asian Racing Report’s editorial team is committed to the following five key principles, which we believe will ensure that we live up to our pledge to be independent and to show integrity in everything we do.    


We believe in a clear delineation between the responsibilities of our editorial and commercial roles. Put simply, our journalists create content and our designated business people make commercial deals. These deals do not influence the tone, style, type or quantity of Asian Racing Report content. 

Wherever possible, Asian Racing Report journalists will avoid situations where commercial, political, corporate or cultural interests could create conflicts of interest. Where that is unavoidable, disclosure of that interest will be made clear. 

Journalists may come into contact with potential or current commercial partners or advertisers but will not discuss the specifics of commercial deals.

Asian Racing Report may at times publish sponsored content but this content will be clearly labelled as such. 

It is also our policy to not show drafts of stories to sources or commercial partners. 

Investors in Asian Racing Report will be made aware of editorial decisions that may affect them. The investors may have input into Asian Racing Report’s commercial direction, but will have no say in day-to-day editorial decisions.

Asian Racing Report does not receive sponsorship, funding or advertising from bookmakers or betting companies, or directly from principal racing authorities or governing bodies.


The primary purpose of Asian Racing Report is the pursuit of truth. 

Our Asian Racing Report journalists take the time to ensure that this is the case. 

Holding authority to account is a core element of journalism and Asian Racing Report carries that in its work.  

We strive to ensure there is a clear definition between our opinion and news content, but all our content is underpinned by a question driven by the same guiding principle: “Is what is being stated, true?” 


Although objectivity – not balance – is our aim, we always strive for fairness and provide different perspectives to a story. 

If the reputation of any person or group is affected by Asian Racing Report’s content, a genuine effort will be made to provide an opportunity for right of reply.

Although we are an Australian-owned website, we have the perspective of an informed, global and neutral observer.


At Asian Racing Report, we prioritise being correct with the facts over being first to break the story. Presenting accurate facts is a core principle we work attentively to achieve. We adhere to rigorous fact-checking processes, checking content (including headlines and captions) before publication.

Should a mistake be made we will promptly acknowledge it and issue corrections and apologies where and when required. 


Our reporters never forget they are reporting about horses and the people who care for them as well as their livelihoods. We are aware of how our reporting impacts the lives of all participants, be they human or equine. 

Our articles always carry a byline – we do not write under nom de plume or assumed names – and we make ourselves available to be contacted by the subjects of our stories after publication. Asian Racing Report journalists are readily available to readers and believe constructive criticism is crucial to professional development. 

On sensitive stories, we will provide contact details for support services where required.. 

If a story carries distressing descriptions or images, we will carry a clear warning at the start of stories. Wherever possible we will avoid use of such imagery unless absolutely essential to the story.   

When writing stories relating to human or animal welfare, we will focus on the merit of the story, not potential impact on Asian Racing Report’s commercial outcomes.

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